The British Library

Despite its reputation as one of the greatest libraries in the world, The British Library sought to gain more engagement from a wider audience on top of its already established academic community. Over the last two years, we have partnered with them on a number of event propositions and identities. Animals: Art, Science and Sound, is the latest exhibition that we brought to life with them.

The Animals: Art, Science and Sound exhibition formed a key part of their goal to open their doors up to people who wouldn’t usually visit the library. Telling the global story of how humans have written about, visualised and recorded animals over time, the exhibition identity took something that could be seen through a purely academic lens, instead creating a window into a single ecosystem of land, sea and air. At its heart was the aim to create a real sense of discovery – showing the beauty of a world hidden to most, but now open to all.

And when 88% of people who attended the British Library’s ‘Animals’ exhibition left feedback to say they visited because of the visuals they saw, we couldn’t help but feel happy to be reminded of the power the humble poster, and good, joyful design.