Where career advice meets creativity, WonderWhat is a free careers app made for the digital intuitions of 13–14 year olds.

Created to turn the tide on all-time low figures of creative GSCE and A-level submissions, our mission is to get WonderWhat into the hands of every Secondary School pupil in the UK so they can make an informed decision about careers in the creative industries

Just launched, with new industry partners


The creative industries have been one of the UK’s economic success stories of the last 10 years, growing at five times the rate of the total UK economy.

The success story of the creative industries depends on the supply of young talent coming up from schools, colleges and universities. And yet - 2023 saw an all-time low for enrolment in arts GCSE and A-Level subjects.

WonderWhat turns the tide.

It's free to use, there's no sign-up needed and there are three ways to explore:

Image tap
Just select images you like – we'll do the rest

Chat GPT

We've trained a model based on a carefully curated course dataset to recommend careers based on what you tell us you like.

Know what subject you're interested in? Go straight there.

You'll then find real-time sector information, salary ranges, the latest industry info and social media accounts you should follow.

We've partnered with V&A Dundee, Old Vic and AIM to create exclusive content to guide our young people on their journey. We ask the questions they want to know and deliver accurate, direct-from-source information on the sector they're interested in.

We're looking to partner with the best HE and industry organisations and have unique opportunities available.

Get in touch with Head of Partnerships and Brand: lizzy@wonderwhat.co.uk