Voices Foundation

Voices Foundation is a charity that exists to transform how music is taught in schools. Reshaping music education so every child can find their voice, the charity aims to support children through unlocking their musical ability, developing core skills and improving their wellbeing.

Whilst Voices have always been driven by a clear mission, their previous brand articulation lacked the means to convey the sense of vibrancy and transformative nature of what they do.

We worked with the team to help develop a new proposition and brand to reflect their incredible work and the joy they bring to children of all educational needs and backgrounds.

We were able to rebuild their brand from the ground up, beginning with a new proposition – 'Transforming music education so that every child can find their voice'. This laid the foundations for a characterful visual identity that would speak to their in-class audiences, whilst equipping them with a consistent and clear message that they could continue to take to senior stakeholders and policy makers.

With the delivery of a new logo and dynamic kit of visual elements that can be connected in a number of ways, Voices Foundation are now equipped with the tools to showcase what they do with as much life and character as the musical experiences that they deliver.

Transforming music education...

...so that every child can find their voice