Royal Holloway University

As the first agency to win a three year contract with the University, we began the relationship with a series of extensive stakeholder sessions and the development of a new brand proposition. With a legacy of challenge and a new proposition fit for the future, we took their appetite for change and ran with it, kicking things off with a broadcast campaign that’s already turning heads.

Join a community that's always asked the questions that matter.

It was ground-breaking in the beginning, it's essential now.

Brave from the beginning, Royal Holloway University have always asked the questions that matter. From their beginnings as the first university to allow women, they have always sought to challenge what’s expected, empowering their community to think differently about societal, industrial, cultural and global challenges.

New beginnings, trusted processes
Through a series of extensive stakeholder sessions, listening, questioning and immersing ourselves in all things Royal Holloway, we began by redefining their brand proposition. By engaging with students and staff at all levels across the organisation we determined who they are as a brand and what they need to say to the world.

Showcasing purpose. Celebrating individuality
It was clear that Royal Holloway was never going to be put in a box – excellent at providing different things to different people and with a genuine emphasis on inclusivity, what unified everything was a strong focus on purpose and individualism. It was this active and diverse community, intent on creating positive impact when and where it matters, that we knew needed to take centre stage.

Showcasing change
The University was keen to be challenged, and wanted something brave and bold that would mark a real step-change for how they communicate. Kicking things off with a high-energy student recruitment campaign, we delivered just that – a campaign film designed to speak to audiences that are looking for something more than just a job – an education that would equip them with the skills and mindset to take on the challenges that matter most to them in the world.