Canterbury Christ Church University

With our reputation within the education industry, CCCU reached out to us to help deliver brand awareness and recruitment campaigns that would fuel the University’s growth for years to come.

Canterbury Christ Church University has a long-standing history of continually responding to workforce needs and shortages, so much so that they were voted number one for UK graduate employment. But despite having such a strong foundation and ethos they recognised there was something missing in how they were communicating all that they offer.

CCCU’s Vision 2030 report made certain aspects clear for us on who they are and how they need to communicate. They pride themselves on both their employability and their community spirit, their pastoral care for their students and inclusivity and the excellence in their teaching and facilities – that they embody the spirit of both the head and the heart, and that is what fuelled and inspired our project.

We pursued the idea of ‘head and heart’, using it to direct and inspire a brand refresh and recruitment campaign that highlights CCCU’s welcoming and confident personality and progressive nature. There were many elements of CCCU’s brand that worked really well, and instead of a need to change we chose to enhance and make it more playful, especially within a digital space. Being in a time where brands need to adapt to the extent of digital consumption and with CCCU’s previous rebrand coming from a place of stability, we believed it should grow to a place of movement.

We took what CCCU already had and made it work harder, made it ‘digital-first’ and symbolise the energy and ambition of their Vision 2030 report – pushing the brand to come to life with dynamism, while also sitting comfortably at the beating heart of all that they do.

With this, we updated the evolution of the Trinity logo, defined a strong sense of identity and personality throughout all aspects of their brand, ran an exciting and attention-grabbing campaign and created a toolkit with guidelines to enable consistency moving forward.

...of opportunity

The beating heart...