Royal College of Art

When disruption meets purpose...

...change becomes possible.

The Royal College of Art is the world’s number 1 art and design university. Like all education providers around the world, it faces the challenge of brand recognition in a flattened marketplace, rising challenger brands and a changing product portfolio.

Our campaign strategy and media delivery has been led by two key principles – insight-led delivery and future-proofing the brand. As the first strategic brand agency to be contracted to the RCA, we are working with them to help evolve their recruitment brand and support their international campaign work across broadcast, online and social platforms.

Beginning with extensive brand research, a process of internal workshops and the development of a brand story, we have the basis from which to support the RCA's full offer. This spans from engagement with the current RCA community of students, staff and academics, through to the delivery of editorial content and creative campaign guidance.


  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging and editorial content
  • Campaign delivery