Arts University Bournemouth

Bringing AUB to the channels our audience inhabit.

'We can’t say we are creative, we need to show it.'

This has been the driving force behind our relationship with Arts University Bournemouth, and having worked together for more than 10 years, we have had the opportunity to develop their brand and find new ways to meet the changing demands within the Higher Education sector.

As the number one specialist arts school in the UK, Arts University Bournemouth needs to communicate in a way that drives a sense of aspiration amongst students, parents, educators and industry audiences alike. This demands a balance between creativity and professionalism, and a seamless brand experience between on-and-offline communications.

Our most recent work was guided by the browsing habits of the University's younger audience, and saw us deliver a fully integrated prospectus on Instagram. Using the channel to actively reach as wide an audience as possible, linking all of the Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Short and Evening courses together, enabled us to showcase a rich and heavily curated wealth of digital content.

Not simply a digital version of a printed prospectus, @aub_prospectus is a new way of looking at how to reach audiences in the spaces that they consume content.

A prospectus that is not confined by a print run

A prospective audience of 1 billion

Local goes global


Alongside supporting AUB with specifically targeted campaigns and day-to-day marketing activity, we recently worked with them to re-design, build and launch

Across a period of just 6 months we ran an intense process of stakeholder engagement, workshops and content creation, in parallel with the design and build of a new site from scratch.

The results;

  • 10% increase in pages per session (as we’ve also reduced user journeys, users are now viewing more relevant pages),
  • 46% increase in average session duration,
  • 47% decrease in bounce rate
  • 164% increase in order a prospectus
  • 15% increase in open day clicks
  • 332% increase in Open Day page conversion rate

The Siteimprove Digital Certainty index score has increased dramatically. The overall industry benchmark is 77.6/100; the previous website averaged a score of 64/100, our new website currently has a score of 88.4/100. We’re also now ranked 13 on the Skilltide leaderboard for accessibility, jumping 39 places.

Our work together has seen us awarded 5 Heist, 2 Chartered Institute of Marketing (1 Grand Prix), 3 Brand Impact, 1 European Excellence Award, 1 Drum, 1 BIMA and our latest work is currently shortlisted for 3 Heist awards.


  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Brand identity
  • Web design
  • Campaign strategy
  • Messaging and editorial content
  • Campaign delivery
  • Print, digital and spatial design

With thanks to Simon, Helen, Charlotte, Lauren and rest of the team at AUB.

10% increase in page views per session

46% increase in average session duration

47% decrease in bounce rate

164% increase in order a prospectus clicks

15% increase in open day clicks

332% increase in Open Day page conversion rate