We know there is a gap in the market for a new type of accreditation around naturals, but what do consumers actually want?

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their purchasing power, and the impact the products they buy have on the planet. Large organisations are looking to clearly communicate their sustainability credentials to their audiences, but risk increasing confusion through the vast amount of on-packet marketing claims.



How can we get to the heart of consumer needs, and inspire trust in a brand-new authority?


There needs to be a one-stop-shop accreditation that answers all key consumer needs; products that are good for the planet and for your body.


— User interviews with consumers and industry experts
— Competitor and sector audit
— Digital linguistics analysis
— Insight analysis
— Name development
— Writing the brand proposition
— Communicating purpose in the design of the marque and creating other brand assets


A defined proposition and name, and brand ready to be used as an accreditation on natural and sustainable products.


Pure Choice Partnership has already had significant interest from international consumer goods organisations. We are now working on innovative ways to launch the brand to a consumer audience, as well as continuing to support the growth of the partnership.



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