Skin Health Alliance

The Skin Health Alliance certifies products as being dermatologically safe for global brands such as Olay and Braun. To facilitate the SHA’s move to become a more consumer-facing organisation, we developed a strategy to demonstrate its value to existing and future brand partners. We also extended their range of services to include consumer initiatives and educational materials.

For decades the Skin Health Alliance has worked with doctors, brands and consumers to ensure products meet the highest scientific standards of skin safety. However, in recent years brands have also come to them seeking their expertise in supporting health education.

Building on trust
To help reflect this evolution, positioning the brand as both the world-leading skin health accreditation and as a powerful voice for promoting skin health, it was important to strengthen trusted parts of their identity such as their logo, but also develop a new way of communicating that would resonate with consumers.

The answer came from the platforms and digital interactions that we're all already so familiar with. With a homepage more akin to a social feed or notification bar than your typical health website, their relaunched site is able to provide a range of advice, research and awareness, depending on the user’s personal needs.

Now it’s personal
The launch of the website coincided with the Skin Health Alliance's first public-facing campaign. #WeStandForSkin highlights the most important issues affecting everyone’s skin health and confidence — as well as raising the profile of the Skin Health Alliance amongst consumers. The campaign is driven by research and features deeply personal stories from the public and dermatologists discussing their own skin health experiences.

429% increase in site visits

6 minute average time spent on campaign page