Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth changes lives by understanding lives. We helped their brand and marketing teams to help strengthen the authenticity of their brand narrative and expand the possibilities of their existing brand toolkit.

Life can change...

...we'll help you change with it

Formed in 2019 as a joint venture between Lloyds Banking Group and Schroders plc, their brand was developed to speak to an aspiring audience of mass affluent customers looking to achieve new financial goals. Whilst this remains unchanged, the financial climate in which we are all living meant that their brand needed greater flex to be able to shift inline with their consumers evolving priorities.

Life never stands still
SPW know that their clients’ lives are constantly changing. A brand campaign with change at it's core enables SPW to continue to communicate with optimism and a shared sense of ambition, whilst also providing a way for them to adopt a tone of reassurance and practicality.

Understanding their customers
Audiences should be able to recognise themselves in the way that SPW present themselves. 'We change lives' provides the starting point for a brand narrative that demonstrates an understanding of their customers lived experiences. By elevating the role of photography within their visual toolkit we helped them develop a brand that celebrates scenarios that will be familiar to their customers, whatever their stage of life.

Sometimes grand, sometimes intimate, imagery is a powerful tool for conveying snapshots of emotion and creating a brand that always feels personal. Never intrusive and always familiar, we helped SPW create a way to convey the deep-rooted sense of empathy for – and their commitment to – their customers.