Reuters has long been the definitive source for unbiased news and information, reaching billions daily. As 2021 saw the media giant mark it's 170 year anniversary, we worked alongside them to strengthen their brand positioning, guidelines, and campaign content, helping them to firmly convey their position as the ultimate source for truths for both consumers and customers alike.

Bringing a media giant out from behind the scenes...

...and into the spotlight

Reuters. The Source.

With an unmatched network of journalists and an unwavering commitment to high-quality, unbiased journalism, Reuters needed to make a step change in the way that they represent themselves as a brand.

Keep it simple
The launch of their first major global brand campaign, and a need for greater parity between the way that Reuters operates and how they speak as a brand, meant a rigorous audit of all brand touch points was required. We worked with stakeholders from a range of internal teams to understand the multiple types of content, audiences, platforms and business needs that the brand needed to serve, in order to begin rationalising and building on their existing brand. Any solution that we developed would only be valuable if stakeholders felt confident and comfortable with them. By staying true to the strengths at the very core of the brand, led by confidence in the power of a straightforward sense of clarity, we have been able to embed the foundations for a seamless brand experience between types of communication.

Connect the dots
The new over-arching brand strategy, and introduction of their core brand positioning as 'The Source' demanded an increased focus on consistency. As an external brand partner, we were able to take a comprehensive view of how this should manifest in design, copywriting, content and campaign strategy, demonstrating how common themes between apparently separate offerings can be used to strengthen the brand message.

Expand the view
We continue to work with Reuters on how they promote brand awareness and increase visibility across all of their marketing channels whilst ensuring they are equipped to communicate with their extraordinary range of audiences, from Governments and global decision makers, to market leaders, journalists and consumers.