Built on the belief that every young person deserves a mentor, OKO's mission to bring experienced mentors and ambitious young people together needed a brand that would live up to its cause.

Ready For Business had been set up by a charismatic entrepreneur with a vision to provide cutting-edge career mentorship to young people no matter their background.

Based on matching people on personality metrics alone, the platform needed a name and brand that would talk to young people whilst also inspiring professional looking to ‘give back’.

We worked with corporate partners and young people to define a name and brand strategy for OKO that would give it a unique presence within the sector and visually demonstrate its disruptive nature.

Its name needed to be unique and easy to remember, and by using a palindrome to underline the two-way relationship created as a result of mentorship the name enabled a brand – from narrative to visual language – based on openness and approachability to grow.

Mentoring redefined

Where it's not who you know...

...it's who you are that matters