In 2017, Kingston University's Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture was renamed as Kingston School of Art, reclaiming a long-established heritage and identity.


Develop an identity that acts as a window, not a facade. Let audiences see for themselves the cutting-edge talent being cultivated in the School.

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Home to courses that consistently top the league tables, the School helps to shape students that go on to become internationally-renowned designers, artists, architects, entrepreneurs… an endless list of talented outcomes.

In the process of re-establishing its historical roots, the School needed an identity that showcased the talent developing within its walls whilst still maintaining a connection to the wider University.


A 171-word statement of belief behind which the School could confidently stand – and which forms the backbone of their flagship publication. We curated a collection of student work, research and enterprise projects that reflect the depth and breadth of the Schools disciplines and paired each of the words with a piece of work in a bold one-word-per-page tome.

Elements of the identity are being built into the wayfinding and spatial design, which we are working with architects and internal teams to bring to life.



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