Arts University Bournemouth


Arts University Bournemouth


We had developed a core brand message for the AUB around the theme of creativity and ‘looking at the world from different angles’. It was important for the AUB to reinforce this philosophy in a way that would create new possibilities for them to engage in conversation with target audiences at open days, university recruitment fairs and online.

Crucially, we were looking for ways to increase the AUB’s presence in social media and strengthen their brand through the development of a visual language they could own within the online environment. We saw an opportunity to create an interactive experience that would achieve this and could go on to be used as the basis of marketing campaigns and events throughout the year.


We designed and built a kaleidoscope app for the AUB that could be used on smartphones and tablets. kscope allows users to capture and create their own personal view of the world, before sharing their creation in one of eight kscope galleries. The app features several filters, a touch screen zoom and a fracturing scale, which can be used whilst in camera or video mode. Users were able to share their images and films directly on Facebook and Twitter. We designed an associated web site and exhibition stand with bespoke plinths that enabled visitors to try kscope for themselves.


"In the week AUB launched Kscope, created by Bond and Coyne, it was featured on their iTunes store under ‘Best New Apps’. The most sought after global real estate for Apps. What more can I say?"
Simon Pride, Head of Marketing and Communications, Arts University Bournemouth

"We decided to define our brand by what we do rather than what we say about ourselves. Kscope is the calling card of our creative community – it is AUB's gift to the curious"
Carly Marsh, Senior Marketing Officer, Arts University Bournemouth